In my first collaboration with Elbow Productions I was fortunate enough to be responsible for art direction, design and animation for the SABIC Life Gallery | King Salman Science Oasis in Riyadh.
This permanent exhibition for school-age children is about life on Earth with all its beautiful diversity and how we can protect it.

We contributed 22 programmes, including a 180-degree wraparound immersive film, a collaborative interactive game about how to create an environmentally balanced city for the future and 15 entertaining and innovative games, each tailored to increase understanding of a specific aspect of the natural world.

Client: SABIC Life Gallery / Agency: JRA / Production Company (Interactives, Audiovisuals): Elbow Productions /  Creative Directors: Jan Lower, Louise Reed / Producer: Penny Wrout / Project manager: Jessica Karlsen / Artdirection: Nina Pfeifenberger / Design and Animation: Nina Pfeifenberger, Georgina Ferguson

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